Terms Of Use

[Please note that the english translation of this document is provided for your convenience only and that the german version of this document is the one that is legally binding]

These general terms of use apply to actorcamp.net and actorcamp.de including all subdomains.
All services provided by the operator and his employees (hereinafter also “we” or “actorcamp”) (hereinafter also “platform”) are offered exclusively on the basis of these general terms of use (hereinafter also “terms of use”), unless nothing in writing otherwise agreed.

The user accepts the terms of use as well as the data protection guidelines by using the platform.

Changes to the Terms of Use

We reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time. The time of the last change is indicated at the end of these Terms of Use. It is the responsibility of the user to check this page for updates from time to time.
Registered users will be informed of significant changes to the content of the terms of use by a message to the email address provided during registration.
The changed terms of use will take effect 6 (six) weeks after notification. If the user does not close his account within this period, the continued use constitutes the consent of the user to the changed terms of use.

Description of the platform

The platform is a hosting service and is aimed exclusively at professional actors and casters. Registered users of the platform can – depending on the type of user account selected – upload video files, audio files, image files, document files, texts and other information that is stored by us and can be seen, shared and spread by other users of the platform.

The platform also enables registered users to communicate with one another.
Users registered as actors can be found on the platform by other users based on their personal information such as age, height, name and other information.

Some functions are only available to registered users or to registered users with a current, paid subscription.
Not all features are available for every account type.

We reserve the right to add further functions to the functionality of the platform and to remove, change or replace existing functions.
We can also change the design of the platform at any time.

Use of the platform

User accounts may only be created and managed by the user under his or her own full, real name. The user must not pretend to be another person. Registered users must keep their access data secret. Only one registration per account type is permitted for each user. All profile fields may only be filled out truthfully. Profile photos depicting people may only depict the person for whom the user account is registered.
The user is obliged to ensure that his contact details stored on the platform are always up to date.
The user may not engage in, induce, solicit or advertise any behavior that would constitute a criminal offense or result in civil liability.

It is strictly forbidden to use the platform to distribute advertising, malware, pornographic, defamatory, racist or otherwise illegal content.

Functionality and pricing of subscriptions

We reserve the right to change the pricing and functionality of our subscriptions at any time. In the event of a price increase or a significant reduction in the functional scope of a subscription purchased by the user, the user will be informed 6 (six) weeks in advance and the changes will only take effect when the current subscription is renewed.

The main functional scope, the prices and the other conditions of the respective subscriptions are described on our homepage.

Liability for content

We are not responsible for the content of files and texts uploaded by users and do not accept any liability for them.

The user has to guarantee that all files and texts uploaded by him are free of third party rights, or that he has the express permission of the respective rights holder to make these files or texts available on the platform. The uploaded files or texts do NOT become our property, unless expressly stated elsewhere.

The user hereby expressly acknowledges and agrees that he is solely responsible and liable for his uploaded content and other activities on the platform.

The user undertakes to indemnify us from all obligations, claims, losses, damages, expenses and costs, including reasonable legal fees, resulting from an activity in connection with the user’s user account, either by the user or by another person that accesses the user account with or without the consent of the user, unless the activity was directly caused by a failure by actorcamp.

Professionalism of registered users

The platform is aimed exclusively at professional actors according to our definition below and at casters.

We define the following actors as professional:

  • Actors with a degree (Bachelor of Arts, Master, Diploma or stage maturity) from a state or state-approved drama school
  • Actors represented by the German ZAV or a foreign equivalent
  • Actors who are represented by an agency that is part of the German Association of Agencies (VDA) or a foreign equivalent
  • Actors who had at least 1 guest or permanent engagement at a state run or equally qualified professional theater
  • Actors with experience in professional film productions

The platform is expressly NOT aimed at extras or bit players.

If we should have any doubts about the professionalism of a user, the user must submit the required evidence of professionalism within 14 days upon request. This can be done by e-mail to the contact address provided in the legal notice or, if necessary, via other communication channels set up by us for this purpose.

If this does not happen, the account of the relevant user will be blocked until the required evidence has been provided. If this does not happen within 4 weeks after the account has been blocked, the account with all its content will be irrevocably deleted. If there is a current subscription, a refund of the remaining term is excluded.

Processing of stored information

Any information and files stored by the user on the platform can be evaluated and processed automatically by us or by third parties commissioned by us. However, there is no transfer of personal data to third parties.

All photos and video content uploaded by the user on the platform which is publicly available can be freely placed on the platform by us – possibly also in further processed form, for the purpose of presenting individual or multiple users, or as a design element.

Conversion of media files

Image files, video files and audio files uploaded to the platform can be converted into other formats and saved in compressed form for the purpose of compatibility with different browsers and to improve transmission speed. When the files are played back, this can lead to a visual or audible loss of quality. The user expressly agrees to this.

General browser compatibility

We strive to make all of the platform’s functions available on the most popular browsers. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the platform will function completely and properly with all existing browsers and their versions.

Deletion and blocking of content

Actorcamp is entitled, but not obliged, to check the content on the platform. We reserve the right to block or delete content or to restrict or prevent access to content at any time and without any liability, in particular, but not exclusively, if we have reason to believe that this content violates our terms of use or applicable law.

Content can be deleted at any time by the responsible uploader or otherwise made inaccessible. There is no entitlement to permanent access to certain elements of the content, regardless of whether these have been deleted or blocked by the responsible uploader or by us.


The user can terminate this contract at any time by deleting the user account and discontinuing use of the platform.
If only a subscription is to be canceled, this can be done by sending a text message to the address stored in the imprint or using the function we provide in the user account for canceling the current subscription.
The cancellation period for subscriptions is 4 (four) weeks before the end of the current term.
If the user has an ongoing subscription and cancels the subscription or this contract before the end of the subscription term, the remaining subscription term will not be reimbursed.
When the user account is deleted, all data linked to the account will be irrevocably deleted as long as we are not legally obliged to store them or to protect our legitimate business interests, or parts of the data are part of data records that are linked to user accounts that are still in existence.

Disclaimer of liability

We do not guarantee that the platform will be uninterrupted or permanently available, or that the use of the platform is safe.
We are not responsible for the content of linked websites.
The platform is provided without guarantee, depending on availability and with all defects.
We make reasonable efforts to correct errors or omissions on the platform as soon as possible after we have become aware of them, but we do not give any guarantees, warranties or promises.

Limitation of Liability

Actorcamp is not liable for any kind of damage resulting from the use of the platform.
Under this contract, actorcamp’s total liability in no case exceeds 100 (one hundred) euros or the amount the user paid to actorcamp during the previous 12 (twelve) months for the services leading to the claim, whichever is greater.

Should some of the restrictions or the exclusion of liability under applicable law be inadmissible, the user declares that they agree that these restrictions and exclusions represent an appropriate, fair distribution of risk between him and actorcamp and are fundamental components between him and actorcamp and that actorcamp’s liability is limited to the greatest possible extent permitted by law.

Assignment to third parties

In accordance with this contract, we can assign our rights and obligations in full or in part to a third party at any time and without prior notice, in particular to a natural or legal person who acquires the platform in whole or in part.
The user may not assign this contract in whole or in part to a third party.

Severability clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the rest of the contract remains unaffected.

Last change: Sept 12, 2022