this is actorcamp, a casting plattform for professional actors.
Create an account, upload your material and make it easy for casters to find you.

Have your material in one place

Your profile with photos, resume and demo, everything nice and simple on one page.

Super easy

You can edit almost everything on your profile where you see it. Click it, change it, done.

Flexible showreel

Put your demo together from individual videos or upload a classic compilation. You can cut each video into individual scenes and link them to your resume, regardless of whether it is a single video or a finished compilation. You can also deactivate scenes or simply change their order without having to cut again.


this is actorcamp, a casting plattform for professional actors.
Create an account to process e-castings, upload studio auditions or search for actors.


Instead of handling e-castings via a file sharing service and sending out long e-mails with the same documents to actors and agencies over and over again, you can simply send an application link that can be used to submit e-castings.

Studio Castings

Upload studio castings and share them with others.

Role folders and lists

You can create a folder with any number of lists for each role to be filled. You can also create a share for each list and define which photos and castings of an actor are visible.


Search for actors based on physical appearance, tax residence and a variety of skills.

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    Complete profile with photos and resume, but without demo.


  • PRO

    35 / year
    Complete profile with photos, resume and demo with space for up to 10 separate videos.

The use of the platform is currently free for casters, but only possible by invitation. You can use this form to request access: